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Bruce Krahn, Canadian fitness trainer, has a solution for places on the body where it’s typically more difficult to lose weight. He isn’t saying much online — not for free — because Krahn has books to sell. Collectively they are known as “Trouble Spot Nutrition.” Buy one or more of his writings on how to lose weight from troublesome areas of your body, take part in his 3-part plan, and it should be smooth sailing from there.

All you need to do, says Krahn, is make a few small adjustments. It’s simple and no drugs or supplements are needed. Activate your body’s natural ability to lose weight by deactivating its natural propensity to store fat. Lets take a deeper look in this Trouble Spot Nutrition review.

Why Do You Store Fat?

When a person is stressed out, there is always a response in her body. Some people eat too much; some sleep poorly; and many individuals pack on weight. Krahn says this is because of cortisol. Your body contains cortisone which, until activated by a stress response, remains dormant and doesn’t do you any harm.

Go through a stressful or difficulat time and cortisone becomes cortisol which is stored in fat. In other words, this naturally occurring substance will cause you to put on fat in certain areas. For most people the so-called “trouble spot” is around their bellies, bums, or thighs. This is actually partly where Trouble Spot Nutrition gets its name from.


In Trouble Spot Nutrition Krahn also points to a chemical which causes this transition: beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 also known as HSD. If you can block HSD, you can block the production of cortisol which is adding fat to your middle. He says it doesn’t have much to do with your diet or at least not how many calories you consume.

Few people know how to eat in order to block HSD although they could be accidentally consuming the right foods such as apples and onions.


Trouble Spot Nutrition points out you need to be eating more foods that contain flavonoids which health food experts recognize in apples, onions, lettuce, watermelon, and more. You could also take a supplement, especially if this product focuses on polymethoxylated flavonoids. These are the real work-horses when it comes to blocking HSD.

In Trouble Spot Nutrition Krahn and his holistic-practitioner wife tell you where to find flavonoids in order to deactivate HSDs.

Three Parts

Your plan is divided into three parts:

  • deactivate HSDs with Polymethoxylated flavonoids (PMFs);
  • target your trouble spots (hips, thighs, or belly, etc.), and
  • activate your weight loss potential.

In the final part, you will learn about hormone imbalance, something most North Americans suffer from to some degree or another. Men see it when their bosoms become larger; women notice it as hair growth on their upper lip increases; weight gain is another sign.

The Trouble Spot Nutrition program is touted by Krahn as a natural response to imbalance which our bodies experience for many reasons. Wellness writers often point to lack of sleep, eating foods which have been chemically altered (hydrogenated or separated fats, for instance), chemicals in our food and water supply, and more. Customers have to cleanse all of this stuff out of their livers and start again.

Is Trouble Spot Nutrition Realistic?

In some ways Trouble Spot Nutrition sounds very realistic. But always beware of offers like this one: 80% off for a very limited time. You can bet that there will be a “but wait, there’s more” type of offer after the initial low price. But, that’s actually ok, because you don’t have to purchase anything further in order to give it a try. And, in their defense, they do have a full 60-day guarantee if you don’t like the product.

So, in many ways, this is a win-win product. Hopefully this Trouble Spot Nutrition review was helpful!