When Surgery is the Answer

Obese man - photo is in public domain and free to use by permission of ownerDoctors don’t recommend that their patients consider gastric bypass on a whim. This is not a light matter but a life-threatening procedure: surgery to your stomach. If you are even discussing this possibility with your GP, something has gone badly wrong and going under the knife isn’t necessarily going to fix the problem.

Surgical Weight Loss

When you have your GI tract tampered with surgically, you are taking a risk. This is a delicate issue and one mistake could leave you at risk of a gastric emergency, even death. There are strict rules about how to eat once the procedure is over; rules which are there to keep you alive, not help you shed weight. Once you take this step, safety becomes more important than anything else.

Counseling for Gastric Bypass

That is why your regular doctor will want to counsel you through the possibility of signing up for gastric bypass or stomach stapling before you commit to having either done. Answers to his questions and those of the surgeon will have to satisfy them both that you have explored all the possibilities and your reasons for taking this path are sensible.

A serious approach is necessary plus a complete understanding of what is to follow. A person should show there are good reasons to reach this dramatic conclusion. After all, having this type of surgery necessarily means that your approach to eating will change forever.

Nothing Else Worked

You have tried every possible means of losing weight: diets, healthy eating plans, exercise, supplements, and counseling. Nothing has stuck; you aren’t any better off than before. In the meantime, obesity is putting a strain on every other part of your life.

Obesity, Health, and Quality of Life

You can’t lift your children or climb stairs. Bone density is worryingly low. Reports from recent clinical exams show your heart is under tremendous strain and you have Type 2 Diabetes. The kids go out to play but playing with them leads to heart palpitations and dizziness. It’s impossible to take part in anything fun with friends.

In fact, you don’t have friends anymore. Your entire world is about getting out of bed, making it to the kitchen, cooking breakfast, driving to the store, and planning the next meal. Even going out to work is impossible.

Obesity and Mental Health

You already know the problem isn’t just physical: you are depressed following a relationship breakup, injury, health problem, or loss of a loved one. Many survivors of childhood sexual abuse become obese as though this is an act of self-defense. Maybe no one will touch them if they are fat.

Counseling, medication, and psychiatry have cracked the surface and will probably do some good eventually but, for now, being overweight is a life-threatening condition. An effective solution is needed as soon as possible.

Potentially Effective Solution

This is when your doctor may talk with you about seriously considering undergoing a gastric bypass, stomach stapling, or some other extreme measure to lose several inches. You will quickly shed pounds because the amount of food your stomach can hold will be severely limited.

In many cases, if you look up people’s individual experiences with gastric bypass, you may find that a number of them consider that the result was pleasing, and relatively rapid; it was worth it to them.

Of course the long term hope is that you will feel better able to support surgically-induced weight loss with a newly energetic lifestyle.

In the meantime, even if you are not at the point where you are considering this surgical option, you may find that you’d like to look at some immediate steps you can take that perhaps you hadn’t yet tried in the form of an eating plan that targets a good many of the issues you may currently be facing.

It may be worth your while to have a look at “Trouble Spot Nutrition” (see our review here) to see if it is something that makes sense to you. Regardless of which steps you take next, we are rooting for you!